About Us

Our Founder Story

Dr. Syafiqah Sani

Established in August 2022, Fritilla Clinic is the brainchild of our esteemed founder, Dr. Syafiqah Sani. Bound by her passion for aesthetics, specifically treatments related to acne, scarring, anti-aging, and wellness, Dr. Syafiqah embarked on a mission to create a wellness center that combined the best of modern aesthetics with personalized care.

Dr Syafiqah is an experienced aesthetic medicine practitioner. Dr Syafiqah loves sharing her knowledge to her clients bringing out their inner beauty and confidence by enhancing the outer look.

Dr Syafiqah started her journey in medical field by obtaining her MBBS from International Medical School-MSU, Bangalore, India.

Prior to her journey in aesthetic medicine, Dr Syafiqah completed her housemanship in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. She was then promoted as Medical Officer in Hospital Temerloh.

As she passionate in beauty, anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine, she attended multiple aesthetic related courses and completed the Medical Aesthetic Certificate (MAC) program.

Dr Syafiqah has been a doctor for over 8 years and Aesthetic Physician for more than 4 years.

Our Mission

At Fritilla Clinic, we are dedicated to cater all the needs by the clients and tailor the specific treatment for each client. We believe everyone is is beautiful and everyone deserve to be pretty.

Our Vision

We aspire to create a future where everyone can embrace and celebrate their unique beauty, nurtured by our transformative treatments.

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